The Yarns

Traditionally knitted in black and white locally-produced wool, Sanquhar Pattern designers have sourced the highest quality yarns and colours to suit all choices for the 21st century.

There are two yarn options available to choose from and each comes in a wide range of colours.

Merino King Cole 4-ply

Soft, light and warm, the wool from Merino sheep has been a highly-prized knitting yarn since its early origins in the Castille region of Spain in the Middle Ages. Famous for its fine quality and low allergen properties, Merino wool is durable, water repellent and naturally insulating, making it the perfect yarn for our products. Although it is always advisable to wash Merino wool garments by hand, the wool is machine washable at 40oc. Dry flat and do not iron

Yeoman Cashmilon Acrylic

For those with severe wool allergies or who wish a less expensive option, we use Yeoman Cashmilon Acrylic:  a soft 4-ply 100% Acrylic yarn which is machine washable at 40oc and can also be handwashed with a warm rinse. for best results, it is recommended that an item made from Yeoman Cashmilon Acrylic is not rubbed or hand wrung. Dry flat. Do not iron.

Click on the pictures below to download a PDF of our available colours

Yarns Merino WoolYarn Acrylic

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